RoadX is Colorado’s bold commitment to our customers to be a national leader in using innovative technology to improve our transportation system. The goal of the RoadX Challenge is to engage civic imagination and harness the power of the collective from every corner of the world in order to protect bicyclists and pedestrians through emerging technological solutions.

Open innovation challenges are a method to support and accelerate change in the world. Challenges hold the potential to inspire creativity, attract new talent, mobilize capital, and strengthen problem-solving in communities. In 1714, the Longitude Prize stimulated the development of the world’s first practical method to determine a ship’s longitude, and in 1919 the Orteig Prize inspired Charles Lindbergh to fly nonstop from New York to Paris. Today, organizations like NASA operate challenges to break the boundaries of space.

The $500,000 RoadX Bike/Ped Challenge asks entrepreneurs, innovators and communities to develop inventive technological solutions to protect bicyclists and pedestrians in Colorado. There are two tracks:

Track 1: Idea-thon, participants submit an innovative technological idea to improve bike/ped safety

Track 2: Do-athon, participants submit an innovative and implementable technological idea to improve bike/ped safety and deploy the technology within 8 months.

Improving the safety of bicyclists and pedestrians is an important piece of CDOT’s goal of Moving Towards Zero Deaths. Bicyclists and pedestrians have unique safety needs and can be particularly vulnerable to crashes involving motorized vehicles. Bicyclist crashes represent 2% of all fatalities and 4% of all serious injuries in Colorado. Pedestrian crashes represent 10% of all fatalities and 7% of all serious injuries in the state.  Whether biking or walking for commuting or for recreational purposes, bicycling and walking help improve health, preserve and enhance Colorado’s environment, and increase mobility options.

As shown with the advent and rapid adoption of the personal computer, the internet, and smart devices, technology dramatically changes every aspect of our lives. Transportation and mobility have yet to fully benefit from these advancements and the RoadX program is designed to further the integration of technology into our transportation system.

While many may look at the advent of self-driving and connected vehicles as a critical strategy to achieving zero deaths, CDOT strongly believes that technological innovation can and should also protect bicyclists and pedestrians.

Part of RoadX is inspiring the private and public sectors to address challenges for which we might not yet have the best solutions. We ask those innovators to do what they do best—innovate, dream, and create new ways in which bicyclists and pedestrians can be protected on our roads..

Proposals are due on March 22, 2017.

Anyone age 18 or over can submit an idea, either individually or in teams. Ideas can be submitted in either English or in Spanish, and can be submitted on behalf of an individual or consenting organization (i.e. a business, educational institution or other organization).

CDOT employees are not eligible to submit ideas.

You can submit your idea via a document upload on the Challenge page. The document should be no longer than five pages. A video not longer than two minutes may also be uploaded as a supplement to the document.

Yes, but you can only be a winner in one track.

Track 1: Up to 5 winners will be chosen with a grant of $10,000 each.

Track 2: Up to 5 finalists will be chosen and each will receive $75,000 to build proof of concept. The team who, in 8 months, can deploy the best working technology with 50 drivers, 50 bicyclists, and 50 pedestrians will receive $150,000 to continue the program. The runner up will receive $50,000 and third place will receive $25,000.

Track 1: Idea-thon

Winners will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Concept                 What is it?
  • Feasibility             Can you build it?
  • Adoption               Will people use it?
  • Scalability             Can you grow it?

Track 2: Do-athon

Finalists will be chosen based on the following criteria:

  • Concept
  • Feasibility
  • Rapid deployment
  • Adoption by users
  • Scalability
  • Improvement of known safety issues
  • Preference to technology/community partnerships

The team who, in 8 months, can deploy the most feasible and innovative working technology with 50 drivers, 50 bicyclists, and 50 pedestrians that has measurable safety improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists will receive $150,000 to continue the program. The runner up will receive $50,000 and third place will receive $25,000.

Winners for Track 1 and finalists for Track 2 will be selected on April 28, 2017. Track 2 winner will be assessed following the eight months window (tentatively December 31, 2017).

Ideally you should capture all three groups, but we understand that this may be dependent on your technology.

We would like to see the ideas merge, but are leaving the boundaries of this challenge fairly wide open. It is up to you to share with us what you think would be most successful.

We are looking for ideas that utilize technology for a lower cost to deployment as opposed to building new bike paths for example.

You are not expected to invest your own dollars to prototype your idea. If your idea is selected as a finalist in the first stage of Track 2, you will receive seed money to prototype your idea and test with 50 bicyclists, 50 cars and 50 pedestrians.

Please review CDOT’s  2015 problem ID report. If you have additional questions regarding data you can submit them via the challenge website.

No, we encourage you to meet and partner with local municipalities who are interested in implementing your ideas in their communities.

No, there is no requirement for exclusivity with your partnerships.

The winners and finalists will be notified via email.

Contact us via and your company logo can be placed on the website for all to see.

The Rules and Guidelines along with the Terms and Conditions are published on our challenge website.