RoadX About Us

The judging process has been completed and track 1 Idea-thon and track 2 Do-athon winners have been selected. We will be notifying the winners by phone shortly, and a list of the winners will be posted next week (the week of May 1st).

RoadX is the Colorado Department of Transportation’s bold commitment to its customers to be a national leader in using innovative technology to improve the transportation system.

RoadX Vision: Transform Colorado’s transportation system into one of the safest and most reliable in the nation by harnessing emerging technology.

RoadX Mission: Partner with public and industry partners to make Colorado one of the most technologically advanced transportation systems in the nation, and a leader in safety and reliability.

Innovative technological solutions to improve safety are not just about vehicles that can drive themselves and avoid crashes. It is imperative to harness the power of today’s transportation technology renaissance to also create a safer bicycling and pedestrian experience.

The goal for the RoadX Bicycle and Pedestrian Challenge is to solicit innovative technological solutions to protect bicyclists and pedestrians in Colorado.

You can submit an idea as an individual or as part of team, classroom, company or community.